'Remote Help' software download will start now (in a seperate screen). This might take a while, please be patient...
(Maybe you have to click the 'safetybar' above or in the lower part of your screen to start the download.)

• Install the temporary remote helpdesk software by clicking on 'Open' or 'Save'.

• Then double-click the file 'Start_Remote_Help.exe', 'Run' (you'll need administrator privilegs) and 'Install' to start the setup.

• After succesful installation you'll notice after the connection has been setup, a 9 digit ID at the top of your screen.

• Call our international helpdesk at +31-6-22995590 or SKYPE for free and supply your 9 digit 'ID' to the remote assistant.

• We can help you then with a Remote Desktop Session after you agreed on doing so.

If the download doesn't start, please click the downloadbutton below:

F-ACT Remote Helpdesk software is of course guaranteed virus and malware free.